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”Hee” - a musical initiative which is a solo idea of the vocalist and instrumentalist Marcin Sady who has initiated and created it in Lublin since 2014. The project has originated as an experiment based on the combination of lively, acoustic music and electronics.

The whole is supplemented by an expressive singing , quasi-poetic lyrics and at last tremendous melody dose. Thanks to warmth of analogue tone, samples, inflexional and spatial effects, loops, percussions and synthesis combined with acoustic instruments (leading acoustic and classic guitar), this music breaks conventions typically associated with traditional poetical music. “Hee” reflects looking for innovative solutions and focusing on melody with simultaneous following norms characteristic for songs. The basis of this music is a respect for sounds, which results in diligently and accurately selected work. We may also notice the influence of film and ambient music, which enables listener to see by imagination, rather than by eyesight.

Marcin Sady - Singing, lyrics, guitars, keyboards, synthesizers, guitar synthesizer, loops, percussion, samples, programming, effects

Texts are full of metaphors making a free interpretation possible. Lyrics are the consequence of writer’s critical approach to the reality and observing factors which are hardly noticeable by majority of us. The mix created that way is dedicated for people of all generations.

Marcin Sady - 04/06/1983 - Lublin singer and insteremuntalist. In the years 2004 - 2006 associated with a group called Whisky (keyboards). Since 2008 he has served as lead singer of the post rock band called Loom which in 2011 issued the LP "Fabric". Since 2014 he has created a project Hee and co-created initiative called The Last Cube of Sugar. At the same time hee creates a need illustrative music for audiovisuals and multimedia.
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