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Król Olch - The ErlKing - Der Erlkönig

The first clip of Hee is a combination of 2D animation and real film shots. Animated parts relate to works of Lotte Reiniger, who is the author of a new figure film method on the basis of a Chinese shadow theatre.

Marcin Sady - Singing, guitar, keyboards, guitar synthesizer, loops, percussion, samples, programming, effects

Text - Johann Wolfgang Goethe/Wisława Szymborska

Mix and Mastering - Adam Drath

Directed and photos - Jakub Kowalczyk

Animations - Anna Chmielnik/Marek Kurpios

Tags: Marcin Sady , Hee , Der Erlkönig , The ErlKing, Król Olch, Johann W. Goethe, Wisława Szymborska

Admin August 04, 2015 2:00 AM