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Illustrative music for TV reportage "Innocent"

Author: Sylwia Smal, MUSIC: Marcin Sady

Marcin Sady - composition, arrangement, mixing and mastering

Two years of the unjustified arrest. The destroyed personal life, carrier and mental breakdown- all of these caused by local entrepreneurs, who aimed at getting a bank credit, but Mr. Witold Oleksiuk refused them. After a while, they filed the prosecutor with a complaint against him… Witold Oleksiuk was accused of committing 16 crimes…

Emission: 17.09.2013 - "Expres reporterów" Magazine - TVP 2

Tags: Marcin Sady , Illustrative music , Innocent

Admin September 30, 2014 2:00 AM


link to the video - "Innocent"